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Client 6


"S Vestergaard is already a platinum selling producer but his solo project only started this year. I, for one, am looking forward to hearing more of his stuff. Check out 1971 below." 

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Client 4


"It certainly opens really effectively with what appears to be an orchestra tuning up, but then the synths blast in, sounding like synths, and actually I forget about the described intent, instead being treated to a really clever, innovative track, that sounds electronic based, but does shift across musical boundaries – you will hear classical, ambient, electronic and rock influences. It's not quite as I envisaged it when I read the description, but I do like it.

The atmosphere created is interesting also, described as influenced by ‘Nordic noir’, and I can hear a little of that. He deliberately used ‘noisy equipment’ and played the tracks as live as possible"

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Client 5


"S Vestergaard knows music and knows the sound he’s trying to create. Even if you normally steer clear of experimental stuff, this may still appeal to you. Check out C.M.W.Y.G.T."

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Client 3


"Magnificent and beautiful electronic music on a gigantic movie screen with great emotion, magic and a captivating magical effect. This is a classic masterpiece with an iconic sound of Oberheim synthesizers seasoned with an epic film noir Blade Runner universe - pure Nordic Vangelis anno 2020. This is the third single play from Søren Vestergaard's solo project and upcoming album, created by the man himself in his own small home studio. Personally, I hadn't even seen a pure Jean-Michel Jarre / Vangelis hide in this indie, folk, rock multi artist, but I totally love it. It's Clearly A Highly Recommended Musician - Stream Or Buy It, Support It! "

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